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    Powering the Blockchain Web
    PLX Coin is a techno/financial company that powers
    the real-time buying and selling of crypto currency (PLX) on decentralized
    applications and the broader digital environment.
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    Spread Ideas
    Our technology is designed to empower the spread of ideas.
    PLX Coin’s global solutions help everybody succeed in the affiliate program.
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    Inspired By Purpose
    Driven By Passion

Features of PLX COIN Platform

Interaction between members of the PLX COIN ecosystem is maintained through PLX blockchain solutions. Basic platform functionality is implemented through smart contracts whose source code is available on GitHub.

The PLX COIN platform provides a wide range of opportunities not only to sellers and affiliates but also to affiliate networks. Two operation modes are possible on the PLX COIN platform: Direct interaction between sellers and affiliates, and collaboration between sellers and affiliates through interaction with affiliate networks.

The PLX COIN platform provides the opportunity of working not only with sellers and affiliates, but also with affiliate networks. An affiliate network can place all of its offers and leads on the platform. Any affiliate already working with the platform will be able to see and work with the offers of an affiliate network without any additional customization.

The PLX COIN platform will have a set of decentralized applications, with the help of which one can easily add offers and leads, as well as create custom affiliate networks from scratch with all the benefits offered by the platform. PLX COIN will have many preinstalled modules, as well as a feature enabling the creation of custom modules (plug-ins).

The PLX COINs are released according to the SHA256 standard on the PLX blockchain. The total number of issued coins will be 180,000,000 PLX, and no new coins will be issued.